Extremely high performance blends

Formulations that can provide an ideal solution even in critical conditions where other materials fail to meet the complex technical specifications.

The maximum chemical inertia according to ASTM D2000 is represented by HPSealing®, FFKM, FFPM elastomeric materials. These materials are based on polymers that are all basically TFE and PVME copolymers with CSM presence to allow vulcanization.

The fluoride content, in the order of 72.5% by weight, makes it the reason for the definition of perfluoroelastomers (HPSealing®, FFKM, FFPM) attributed to this class of elastomers and foreshadows the very high degree of chemical resistance: in practice, in these polymers all those positions in the molecule that would be occupied by hydrogen atoms are replaced by fluorine atoms. Although diversified pathways for vulcanization have been explored, including appropriately modifying site monomers (CSMs) and crosslinking agents, it is generally a case of crosslinking elastomers obtained by peroxide activation. All of the various commercially available grades of HPSealing®, FFKM, and FFPM are based on TFE and PVME as mentioned, but the different chemical nature of the effective crosslinker modifies its endurance properties, especially from a thermal point of view.

Synthetic technopolymers used in high technology applications, for example in the field of aerospace, military applications, for the production of sealing solutions technology (o-ring gasket, o-ring sealing) for particularly aggressive environments, such as oxygen, fluoride, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide and acid halides. Compared to common rubber types, they have a high resistance to the attack of chemical agents, ultraviolet rays and oxidants.

Perfluoroelastomers (HPSealing®, FFKM, FFPM) are capable of combining heat resistance and PTFE-like chemicals with elastic behaviour of the Fluoroelastomer (Viton® FKM, FPM). They are typically applied in the chemical, semiconductor, petrochemical, high vacuum technology and aerospace industries.

High quality products developed with unique expertise in the industry and a constant R & D capability to ensure the best performance, as such, from the concept of "High Performance Sealing" we have developed our own "HPSealing®" proprietary BER-PA trademark registered and filed since 2007.

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