Aflas® TFE/P(FEPM)

Ideal material blend for steam and chemical products

In the recent past, FEPM identified according to ASTM D1418 a further category of fluoroelastomers originally designated to qualify the only "TFA and propylene copolymer (P)" with a fluorine content of approximately 57%.

This was the coined definition at the time to account for the Aflas® fluoroelastomeric copolymer of Asahi Glass Co. The development of the oil industry with the need to make sealing elements in the aggressive conditions associated with the development of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) and of saturated steam in the presence of high pressures / temperatures has made the use of this type of product particularly efficient.

A material with excellent thermal resistance with continuous service temperatures up to 200° C (in some cases even more), excellent chemical resistance to strong acids and bases, excellent electrical insulation properties. Due to these features it is the ideal mix for use in the most difficult environments. FEPM has superior performance compared to FKM, FPM for use in hot water, steam, acids, alkaline solutions, ammonia, amines, transmission oils, brake fluids (based on glycol, mineral oil and silicone oil), crude oil, natural acidic gas.

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